Everyday Reading Project: 40 Days of John

I am inviting you to join me on your own time and in the comfort of your own space with your Bible.  Let's start reading and magnifying God's word for our lives together, going straight to the source.  I am willing to share and talk about what I am reading each week.  I can even add things that I find helpful as we go along.  I hope you will feel free to do the same.  It will be an on-going, come as you are, jump in any time, simply see what happens when we read the Bible every day adventure!  God has something to say to each of us.  Spread the word, invite others, and let's do this!  

40 Days of John

The book of John stands out from the other 3 Gospels (MatthewMark, and Luke).  And that's the main reason I thought it would be a wonderful "place" to start a new Everyday Reading Project.  As I am learning, any time something "sticks out" in my heart and mind, that's often God's sense of direction... 

Instead of providing an overview of Jesus' ministry by going through His life, death, and resurrection focusing on Jesus' parables and miracles, John focuses more on defining who, exactly, Jesus is and why He came into the world.  John seems to zero in on Jesus and His relationships.

And in being true to this blog as we read, I have to wonder:
  • What does Jesus mean to me, in my life, on an everyday basis?  
  • How do His relationships shape my relationships?  
  • What does Jesus mean to you, in your life, on an everyday basis?  
  • And how do His relationships infiltrate your relationships?

May God's word speak to you and inspire you as you read!

40 Days of John  

Day 1: John 1:1-29

Day 2: John 1:29-51

Day 3: John 2:1-12

Day 4: John 2:13-24

Day 5: John 3

Day 6: John 4:1-42

Day 7: John 4:43-54

Day 8: John 5

Day 9: John 6:1-24

Day 10: John 6:25-70

Day 11: John 7:1-24

Day 12: John 7:25-52

Day 13: John 8:1-30

Day 14: John 8:31-59

Day 15: John 9:1-21

Day 16: John 9:22-41

Day 17: John 10:1-21

Day 18: John 10:22-42

Day 19: John 11: 1-37

Day 20: John 11-38-57

Day 21: John 12:1-36

Day 22: John 12:37-50

Day 23: John 13:1-17

Day 24: John 13:18-38

Day 25: John 14:1-14

Day 26: John 14:15-31

Day 27: John 15:1-17

Day 28: John 15:18-27

Day 29: John 16:1-15

Day 30: John 16:16-33

Day 31: John 17:1-19

Day 32: John 17:20-26

Day 33: John 18:1-18

Day 34: John 18:19-40

Day 35: John 19:1-18

Day 36: John 19:28-42

Day 37: John 20:1-18

Day 38: John 20: 19-31

Day 39: John 21:1-14

Day 40: John 21:15-25

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