Monday, December 22, 2014

John 21:15-25

40 Days of John

Day 40: John 21:15-25

Jesus has just finished having breakfast with some of the disciples following their fishing trip.  He questions Peter three times in a row, asking, "Do you love me?"  This is the same Peter, remember, who denied knowing Jesus three times when He was being crucified.

Yet, Jesus' isn't there to condemn Peter for his mistakes.  Jesus meets Peter where he is.  He helps Peter have a successful fishing trip and prepares a meal for Peter and His friends.  It's obvious that Jesus blesses Peter with His presence.  Jesus spends time with Peter.  

Peter is a little confused and hurt that Jesus questions his love again and again when He feels so sure of his own answer.  And yet, I think Jesus is making Peter claim what he really believes.  I think this is Jesus' way of strengthening Peter's faith.

Jesus tells Peter, "Feed my lambs...take care of my sheep...feed my sheep...You must follow me (John 21)."  In other words, don't make it a choice.

And based on this conversation, Jesus also seems to be saying that Peter's "following" will be different than John's following (the beloved disciple who happens to be near).  

This makes me think about my conversations with Jesus.  What about your conversations?

Although my call may be specific to who God has created me to be in His image, the message is the same.  

What does "feed my lambs...take care of my sheep...follow me" mean for your life that your Savior has so graciously given you?

Jesus comes to us again and again, showing us His love, and reminding us how to respond to His amazing and unconditional love, love that saves us.

Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written

A prayer for today-

Dear Gracious and Loving God,

Thank You.  Thank You for sending Jesus, our Savior, into the world to show us the reality of Your love at work in our lives.  Thank You for all the ways Jesus comes to us and speaks to us, strengthening our faith and reminding us how to follow Him.  

Lord, Your grace, is alive and well.  Thank You.

Guide me with Your Holy Spirit.  Nothing will be impossible with You...Here I am, Your servant, Lord; let it be with me according to your word (from Luke 1).

And Lord, I pray for others.  Use me to help strengthen their faith and open their hearts wide to Your grace and Your joy and Your call.

In Jesus' name I pray,
In Christ's love,
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