Thursday, January 30, 2014

Leviticus 6-8

Moses gathers the Israelites in front of the tent of meeting in Leviticus 6-8.  It's a big day.  It's time to ordain Aaron and sons as priests and consecrate the tabernacle.  Moses, again, follows God's instruction to a tee, and He makes all necessary offerings so that everything is holy and clean.  His ability to carry out God's will is a reflection of his close relationship with God.    

Yesterday as I was reading, I kept thinking how blessed we are as Christians to have Jesus in our lives.  He changes the way we worship God for the better.  Because of Him, nothing separates us from a direct and very personal relationship with God.  

Even though the ceremonial offerings and rituals required for the Israelites by God seem unimaginable to me, it occurred to me that Leviticus is still very significant and applicable to the faith I have in Christ.  

34 What has been done today was commanded by the Lord to make atonement for you.

More than giving me a deeper appreciation for Jesus, Leviticus is an important part of God's bigger love story for His people.  He is just beginning to reveal the enormity of His love at this point in His story.  It's building.  It's exciting to see it unfold.

This part of the Bible shows that God really does know His people and their needs.  He is so powerful, perfect, sacred, and holy, and He wants us to be able to draw near to Him.  He wants to free us from our sins, then and now.  Our God is a forgiving God full of grace, and He goes to great lengths to save us, just as He does for the Israelites.

He deserves every bit of our time, energy, and respect.

It's an amazing story God tells through His people.  It is an honor and a blessing to be a part of it!

A prayer for today-

Dear God, 

Thank You for making me part of Your family in Christ.  Thank You for including me in Your beautiful love story.  Forgive my sins.  Help me bring them all to You at the foot of the cross.  Fill my life with Your grace and guide me in sharing Your grace with others.

I pray your blessings for ___________.

In the name of Jesus I pray,

Grace and peace,
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