Monday, August 11, 2014

Jeremiah 11-14

"Oh man!"  

Today as I read through Jeremiah 11-14, that phrase takes on layers of meaning.

It's never good when the chapter header is "The Covenant is Broken."  

The agreement between God and His people is no good anymore.  That is so hard to read and really understand.

Jeremiah goes throughout Judah and Jerusalem warning people of the captivity, drought, famine, and sword that is to come because of their misguided ways of living.  

As you might imagine, the stuff Jeremiah has to share doesn't go over well at all.  In fact, people want Jeremiah dead.  And yet because he is working with and for God, he faithfully keeps going.

Sure that says a lot about Jeremiah's faith, but I think it says even more about God's goodness and power.  Jeremiah knows God and knows serving Him far outweighs the hazards and hardships.

What are we to do with these words today?  This is another case where God's words contradict what we know about the forgiveness, grace, and compassion we have forever in Jesus.  

Why is our loving God and savior so upset?

I think it's because God so longs to bless His people by making His promises a reality.  Yet, people won't give Him the time of day He needs to see His promises through.  God is frustrated.

In answering why the covenant is broken and destruction is coming, God says,

"because you have forgotten me
   and trusted in false gods."

Notice, God is not letting His people down.  People have let God down, so He can't fulfill His promises.

God wants us to remember Him in all that we do.  And, I think He calls us to honestly examine our lives.  These kinds of verses in the Bible are meant to be a wake up call to us, a reality check with our Savior.

To put it ever so simply, God wants us to trust Him, not others, not stuff.

God is reminding us that He is our security in life.

We can learn from these words.  We can be thankful for the saving grace Jesus brings to our lives today.  He changes everything, including knowledge of God and our relationship with Him.  We can remember that Christ died for us, so that we live.

"Oh, man!"  

How we need You, Lord!

A prayer for today-

Dear God,

Thank You for being faithful to me and to Your believers.  

Forgive us for all the ways we trust in things and people instead of in You.

I pray for You to open my heart to the ways I need to serve You and live for You.  Guide me where I need to keep going, and stop me in the areas of my life where I need to change directions. 

Show me what I need to let go of and what I need to hold onto more tightly in order to fully follow You. 

I know I can be hard of hearing and seeing You.  Lord, I need You to speak in ways that are obvious to me.  Lead me with Your strong hands.

What and who do I need to bring to You in prayer today?

[Spend time listening]

You are our Rock and our Redeemer, Lord.

In Jesus' name I pray,

Peace of Christ,
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