Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Isaiah 55-59

God gives us an invitation today in Isaiah 55-59.

God's invitation is meant for ALL of us.  He wants us to realize that choosing to live our lives humbly with God means finding a purposeful and satisfying life of "more."

I need this reminder sometimes...

Why spend money on what is not bread,
  and you labor on what does not satisfy?

How about you?

In other words, God is saying many of us get it wrong.  We get caught up being so busy, wasting our time and money on things that will never be enough.  

And then, God offers us this invitation, calling us to life with Him, a life of "more" following His voice that speaks to us again and again.

Give ear and come to me;
  listen, that you may live.
I will make an everlasting covenant with you,
  my faithful love promise to David.

Now, we're really talking.  That's an awesome promise because David was a blessed man.  God really transformed David's life, and David's relationship with God made all the difference.

God's promise to David is certainly worth reading again, especially since it applies to us who are willing to accept God's invitation (just click the green link).

The LORD will guide you always;
  he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land
  and will strengthen your frame.
You will be like a well-watered garden,
  like a spring whose waters never fail.

God will satisfy our every need, if we let Him.  

A prayer for today-

Dear God,

Thank You for filling me with Your promises that stand the test of time.  Thank You for loving me the way You do.

Forgive me for all the ways I spend my time and energy on things that don't matter, things that will never satisfy me.

I pray that You will guide me always, and satisfy my needs.  Show me how to spend my money and my time each day.  Open wide the doors that need opening, and slam shut the doors that need to be shut before me.

Strengthen me, Lord, just like You did David.  Make Your promises real in my life too.

I also pray that You will fill ___________________[name people, situations, organizations, groups, etc] with Your Holy Spirit, and make him/her/them/it like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.  

Help me hear Your voice and direction each day.  Pour out your blessing and power upon the work You are calling me to do _________________ [pray for your work]and please, dear LORD, let it be a source of Your transforming love in the world.

I want to make a difference for You, our Savior.

In Jesus name I pray,


Peace and joy of Christ to you today and always,

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