Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ezekiel 45-48

We finish up the book of Ezekiel as we read chapters 45-48 today.  

God is sharing more about His plans for restoration.  He's giving Ezekiel the glorious details of His reconciling love story that is going to unfold for Israel as He brings them back from exile.  It's been a long, hard time but good is coming from it.

I am amazed at just how many details God gives Ezekiel.  Aren't you?  I mean, I  usually need to see things to get a good picture, but from the sounds of it, God isn't leaving anything up in the air.

I am filled with hope because God is the same today.  He has awesome plans of restoration and reconciling love for all of us who will believe in Him.  

God ends the book of Ezekiel by changing the name of His holy city to,

"The Lord Is There"

And through Christ, wherever we are, the Lord is always here with us. If we believe in Him, how does that shape the way we go about our days?  How does that truth transform who we are?

A prayer for today-

Dear God,

Thank You for being with me right now and always.  Thank You for your reconciling love that is at work in the world.

Lord, help me to live each moment with You in my heart.  Use me to be an agent of Your grace and transformation.  

I pray you will pour out your blessings upon ___________ today.  Only You know best what ______________ needs.  Hold, comfort, and restore ___________________.

In Jesus' holy name,


In Christ's love,
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