Saturday, March 8, 2014

Joshua 11-13

Joshua is on a role for God in Joshua 11-13.  The Kings of Canaan realize that God means business, but despite their best alliance efforts, the Israelites conquer city after city (take a look).  The extensive list of defeated kings is quite impressive.  Joshua is getting old though, and God tells him that there is still large areas of land to be taken over.  But at last, the twelve tribes of Israel are finally getting the shares of land God has promised them for so long.

Love this verse from today.

15 As the Lord commanded his servant Moses, so Moses commanded Joshua, and Joshua did it; he left nothing undone of all that the Lord commanded Moses.

God's purpose is being passed down across generations.

Joshua leaves nothing "undone."

That makes me think about my own "to-do" list.  When I weigh my "to-do" list in light of this verse today, considering that I don't want to leave anything "undone" for God, it really changes things.  It shifts my focus.

It's an "ah-ha moment" as Oprah would say.  

My "to-dos" seem so insignificant in comparison to that which I don't want to leave "undone" for God.     

How about you?  Do you have an "undone" list?

My "undone" list of all God asks me to do is where my time and attention really need to be.  Those are the things I need to be sure to write down and check off each day. 


A prayer for today-

Dear God,

Thank You for speaking to my heart through Your Word.  Thank You for using me for Your great purposes each day.

Forgive me for focusing too much on my own "to-do" list instead of those things You are calling me to work on each day.  I do not want to leave anything "undone" for You, Lord.  You come first in my heart and in my life.  

Guide all my list making.  Help me to focus on the things that are important to You and Your kingdom.

{Spend some quiet time listening to God for anything He needs You to do for Him today.}

Lord, may Your kingdom come and Your will be done.

In the name of Jesus I pray,

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