Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chicken Fried and a Good Cup of Coffee

A good cup of coffee, the big boys are off at school, the baby is asleep, the clothes are washing, the dishwasher is going, some of my favorite music is playing, and I have some quiet time to myself!  It's amazing what a morning carpool can do!  My coffee is just extra yummy today.  I can actually sip and taste it instead inhaling it like an IV drip to wake up my brain before rushing myself out the door.  I am not even sure that thought made sense but it sounded good for dramatic effect!  You get what I am saying.  This is my extraordinary for today.  It's so simple, and I am so thankful.

So I am going to raise my coffee cup to you-  here's to wishing you some pure and simple extraordinariness today!  For Zac Brown, it's chicken fried, for me, a cup of coffee. What is it for you?  Now if you'll excuse me- I am going to go dance like nobody is watching.

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